Pretty Woman

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Look @ Me…
What do you see?
Just Beauty?

If you don’t look lose close enough you miss everything

I’ve cried, been kicked, and screamed
I’ve lost and found love then lost it again
Lost my family and even my closest friend
I’ve time after time lost it all my mind and hope
I’ve washed away the residue of Rape with a million bars of soap
I’ve been critized for being who I am
I been turned away by my religion and even some places banned
Through all of this many have salivated at my looks and what they see online

All I want is everything I ever dreamed of and something and somewhere I can call mine
I want to bare my soul to the world on billboards across the world for all to see
That same girl you thought wouldn’t make it off the dirt roads of the south is here for all to see

So look again and realize my beauty is not only on the outside but the inside where it’s imperfect but it’s me


And I wouldn’t choose to do it all over again or have anyone else run in my place

Beauty is only skin deep
But mine is through my veins and in my heart

If you don’t understand who I am please read my facial expression and read this note from the start

-Ameera Muhammad


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