Shopping with Ase.Èna

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I’ve always wanted to work with someone who could understand my choice of style. I have a ton of creations in my head, but since I don’t sew, I use to keep my ideas on the back-burner. After working with Sister Aneesa Muhammad, who goes by Ase.Èna for a little over a year, she’s been able to interpret my thoughts by bringing them to life in the form of garments. I must admit, I have a huge imagination and my request can be extremely extra, but she’s always willing to take me up for the challenge and she makes it look effortless.

Sister Destiny wearing a two toned black and olive top with wide leg pants from Ase.Èna Collections.

Ase.Èna makes comfy look attractive, all while being modest. Most importantly, she’s very easy to shop and work with. Her work is affordable, tailor-fitting, she’s professional with quick turnarounds via messages and a finished product. She creates a range of clothing from children’s to adults from casual to high-end fashion. To my knowledge she is also in the process of sewing wedding dresses and possibly creating designs with men. I am always excited to order from Ase.Èna Collections, while also sending her a few of my own concepts to birth and I want other women to feel confident, comfortable, and happy in their clothing. My advice is to shop with  and support Ase.Èna Collections.

More photos of Ase.Èna’s designs are coming soon.

Donate here to support Ase.Èna in getting to California for the Islamic Modest Fashion Weekend on December 16 -17. Insha’Allah (God Willing) she will be one of the featured designers.


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