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Affirmations are the breathe to life. 

Ice-cream in JamaicaAs a child, after being injured, I’d say to myself “ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream” slowly to help me put my mind on something that would bring a state of happiness, rather than focusing on the pain that I was experiencing. Believe it or not, although the injury was visible, the feeling of it was no longer apparent. Referring back to my childhood, I realize this is where my affirming journey began. Reciting “ice-cream”, is not technically affirming myself, however, it was showing me that I could take away pain or any other negative feelings, with positive thoughts. I taught myself law of attraction young, however, I did not have anyone in my life to nurture this new understanding.

Affirm means to confirm and commit <click to read me). Therefore, affirmations are more than words. Words have more power than we may know.

Matthew 11:37 By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

“With the limited knowledge we have concerning the marvels of vibration, we are beginning to vaguely comprehend that God spoke the universe into existence.”

– Rellimeo, Within the Holy of Holies, Attitudes of Attainment

Whenever God, His Messenger, or His Minister speaks, you notice that they don’t actually talk. They project what they’re going to bring forth like it reads in scripture, “Be and it is”. As gods, are we doing the same? With every word we speak, we are either bringing in life or death. We have a choice and it all starts with our thoughts, so it’s important for us to put meaning behind them.

“What must the meaningful word of Blessing or Affirmation, spoken by a child of God, in harmony with the mind of the Infinite, produce as it vibrates in the mental atmosphere of the Universe!”

– Rellimeo, Within the Holy of Holies, Attitudes of Attainment

The first meaningful words shall be the upliftment of self. This will help us change the way we think and feel about everything else in life. We create new realities by the sound and thoughts we have internally.

“There are occasions when we are greatly helped in the development of self-assurance and faith by the sound of our own voice.”

– Rellimeo, Within the Holy of Holies, Attitudes of Attainment

“It is not presumed that the words, or for that matter, the thought, contained in [Documented Journey] will be of use to many readers, but they are sent forth in the hope that the outlines given will be suggestive and stimulating to original thinking, – a mustard seed <click to read me) that shall take root and spring up in some rich soil.”

– Rellimeo, Within the Holy of Holies, Attitudes of Attainment

Questions to think over: