Earth’s Rebirth: Angkor Wat

The modern name, Angkor Wat, means “Temple City” or “City of Temples” in Khmer. The original name of the temple was Vrah Viṣṇuloka (Sanskrit) or Brah Bisnulōk (Local variant) which means the sacred dwelling of Vishnu. 

This temple is speculated to be about 900 years old and was said to be built over night? Just like the pyramids, today’s technology can not replicate, megaliths all over our planet. They are willfully being deceitful about the age and timespan. Try trillion of years!

282d817d-5026-41bb-bc4a-d53616568218I say this about Angkor Wat: this was only covered in minor trees, but most are under layers of sediments, huge pyramid blanket, our planet. All over planet Earth she is disrobing all her gems. The buildings of ancient days are now being revealed. Earth is very old and mankind very young. Our temples and pyramid are ancient and coming back on line to do what they were intended to do. Intended to serve as an energy source for the Earth that emits light at certain times. It provides balance and distribution evenly.

Mankind has destroyed and disturb monuments through ignorance and ego thinking. I use the word mankind, because it is a kind of man and not the original. Aboriginals know the value of Earth and how cohesive it is to live in harmony with its provider. Angkor Wat is truly a master piece of a time mankind have no concept of. Vishnu the deity that this temple was supposedly built for is called the “preserver” interesting that this temple should and is intact for so long, marvelously as when it was created for a preserver.

The people of Earth have been divided and separated through the process of this one is better. “The idea of superiority.” It plays out for all who still want to engage in this behavior. Be it black or white, man verses woman. Good verses Evil or God verses the Devil there are so many to choose from. Duality is a son of a dog and is a definite deceit to put fear and to control the weak minded.

This might seem more advance, but it is far from it. Destruction and pollution has entered the Earth, but she will not have it anymore. Your time is up! Your time, for all who seek to destroy and manipulate and to control others, it’s up! You are here by leaving willingly or unwillingly. However, you are no longer going to behave in this manner and reside on Earth. She will take you out.

Earth is a consciousness, she feels, she hears, she sees and she is not pleased.

You (mankind) were not made to see her creation, her secrets are her’s. You know not the wonders of God’s abundance and the expanse of how she (The Earth) is fruitful. She puts up with us like any mother puts up with a child that has strayed, she bore the pain of sadness and hurt, but she has grown tired and is now stretching and moving and reorganizing herself she is moving through her rebirth. So be it!

That is all for now, maybe more on The Earth in the future.

Sister Sharanda Died Three Times to Live

Prior to joining The Nation of Islam, I’d been having visions into future experiences. I am and always am destined to be spiritually inclined. I believed in a higher being or divinity, however I believe in The All. As a spiritual teacher, Jesus left principles that are worth adhering to. I understand when they ask Jesus how do you pray, he answered you pray unto the father. I pray only to The Creator, my sustenance comes through The All.

You are not taught to pray to be heard by Moses and other prophets, not even Elijah whom they say went to Heaven whole soul and body. If Elijah cannot hear a prayer and he was not killed as Jesus was, then how can Jesus hear a prayer? We must not pray to dead prophets. They can’t hear our prayers.
The Muslim loves all of Allah’s prophets, but we will not pray for life to come to us from a dead prophet; not even to Muhammad who lived nearly 1,400 years ago. We pray in the name of Allah and mention the name of His last prophet in our prayer as an honor and thanks to Allah for His last guide to us.
– The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Day of Resurrection of Dead So-Called Negroes Has Arrived (Reprint from Our Saviour Has Arrived)

The vision before I accepted was of my death 3 times. Did I die? In the last one, I cried out to Jesus and in the vision I said no “Allah”. I awoke confused of this vision, but it brought about an intense craving to read and learn. Thus, for months I did nothing but read all of the books I could find. I did not sleep – my family a woke and slept and each time they found me reading.

“When he is [you are] taught the spirit of truth, He will guide you into all truth.”
– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Crucifixion of Jesus

Next, I went through tremors and shaking when something moved me to my core, as confirmation that I was receiving truth. To say this is Divine intervention is correct. So much synchronicity happened in my life; it initially started when I came to America. I was meant to be here – Destiny would have it no other way.

The power of thought, as manifested through the Law of Synchronicity and The Theology of Time, projects all things coming to pass in the appropriate moment and place.
– Mother Tynetta Muhammad, A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words (article)

An MGT in The Nation of Islam is a woman knowing and accepting that all possibilities are open for me, I can accomplish what I will. That I am my own ruler. I design my fate according to my actions and deeds and first and foremost to do no harm. It means to me that I have accepted peace from within myself, from Allah no force can break. It means to me that the oneness of Allah is all I need.

Allah is sufficient for me—there is no God but He. On Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of the mighty Throne. (Holy Qur’an 9:128-129)

Being in The Nation of Islam, I am blessed to say I have not come across many challenges. My family at first questioned why, but let it go, because of love and tolerance for each other. Friends have not questioned my faith. One went as far as saying, I knew your spiritual path would take you where you wanted to be. She said and I quote:

“You are an all or nothing type of person.”

I may have died three times in a vision, but it saved me. Islam is Life.

Interested in knowing some of the books I read during this time:

  • At the beginning, I was guided to Psalm and completed this Book in The Bible.
  • I read Hermès Trice The Great twice
  • Dare to Believe by Mary Rowland
  • The Secret of Freemasonry by Elijah Muhammad
  • The Secret to Perfect Living by James Mangan
  • The Holy Qur’an
  • Study Guide 19: by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
  • The God Tribe of Shabazz
  • The Genesis Years (unpublished and rare writing)
  • The Motherplane by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  • The Book of Enoch
  • Books on Aristotle, Plato, and Osho

Your strengths

Defining STRENGTH!

1. The quality or state of being strong, in particular a) physical power and energy

The emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations or events that are distressing or difficult.

synonyms: fortitude, resilience, spirit, backbone, strength of character, courage, bravery, pluck, pluckiness, courageousness, grit, mettle, informal guts, spunk.

The influence or power possessed by a person, organization, or country.

2. A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

A person or thing perceived as a source of mental or emotional support.

3. The number of people comprising a group, typically a team or army.

Clarity in more than one way! The Will of God

Pondering on this word (strength) brings so much to mind. I could start to ramble, but that is not my intention today. My intention is to ask have you ever really considered your strengths? Have you looked at self and said what am I good at, whether physically, mentally or in a spiritual way? Have you?

Well today is a good day to start, write it down and go over it. Then ask self is this true?

I am consciously staying out of grouping.

Grouping is putting everyone or everything under the same umbrella. Just because you haven’t done or seen someone else do [what you have in mind] doesn’t mean it’s not possible or it was never done. Or saying everyone is the same when we all have different gifts and talents, but it manifest on different levels, and strengthen us in different ways because of circumstance.

I have come to realize that (I) at one time or another group things and people and places, it is not good or bad or indifferent in any way but just a new perspective on my part.

I have the power and energy to be myself, myself is loving…

…that’s when I laugh more and play more and feel so at peace with the ones that surround me. This I call my Blessings, my Beloveds. Periodically, I go into other states such as solitude, this also brings me joy because I learn more about me and the many things that I never really took the time to understand and why I do certain things. When you become conscious of the “I” you become aware of the states you go into, you can see them and you can redirect them depending on the outcome you are looking to acquire. The many states that we traverse on a daily requires fortitude, because we also interact with other states of consciousness and unconsciousness (other people) and you are always the main character in your dealings no matter how it plays out you (your spirit) is a contributing factor.

I am dealing with the “I” right now. In finding your strength how do you go about doing it? Who’s methodology will you implement? I ask this because no one knows you better than you, and the more you come to the surface, the better you are able to communicate, express and be the beautiful person that you have always been. I will call this shedding the many layers that is not self, the dross. In becoming you, your quirks, your everything inside yourself frees you. Do you show this to the world? And if not why not? It takes grit to go against the grain to speak your truth no matter what the outcome. The Authentic (I) is a power house, that uplifts and inspire. So on our sojourn, I invite The I Am in you to come out. And be Authentically You!

Know ThySelf!


Family: 1) A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not 2) a traditional family 3) All those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor 4) A group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together    

Now that there’s a basic understanding of family, let us see how are you, how are we with our families.

Do we truly understand the dynamic of what family implies or truly means?
I would like to say all human being are my family because we choose to get along, we choose to work and find things that are desirable  together. But that’s not the only thing, we actually create a beautiful world together, our interaction with each other is what propels this world and we build it each moment of our knowing existence. Our visions never cease, and we can find all kinds of goodies when we take the time to look, really look at the person that we are communicating with. We can be in all kinds of emotions and thoughts from just one, but we never stop at one because that would be boring, so we expand and this gives us variety and it spices up our lives in ways we sometimes find pleasing and sometimes not, but it is all beautiful. Our collaboration willingly or unwillingly, knowingly and unconsciously is apart of our dynamic in this life.

I have come to the understanding that in our interaction with complete strangers it can instantly feel like home, it is a welcoming feeling to not have a filter and to be at peace, that offense will be by the wayside because we are in alignment with each other. This is something that I have and continue to experience with my family, the human family, and this comes with growth and acceptance of each person, just as they are. Freedom is acceptance, of all that is.

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days because of interracial coupling and marriages. The barriers that once was is no more. But is that just a perception on my part? If we live in a world but don’t interact with the world can we judge it? And if we interact with this world but carry our preconceived notions into it, are we seeing it clearly? At what point are we going to say that I will be open to new experiences and be my best self?

I have asked these questions because when we judge beforehand we miss out on so much because we went in with barriers, and barriers create barriers. That’s how energy works. We block and clog up our systems because we put it out there that, this/that or the other will take place instead of allowing the Divine to flow and work through us, to open doors for us and show us the way forward. This is something that has been programmed into the collective subconsciousness of the human family. But when do we say enough is enough and I will be that change in my family and I will be responsible for what I put out? When? I say now!

Now is a good time to evaluate your immediate family, how do you communicate with your mother, your father and the variety of relations you have been gifted with. How? Is it with suspicion and envy and all other traits that is not right acting? Or is it with love and peace and understanding? Whatever you put into your family, that is what you will receive. So it comes back to us, and again the preconceived notions and thoughts we perpetuate.

Family is home and home should always feel welcoming and safe. So be the change and be that safe place and watch the human family transcend.

Infinite Peace Family,


Know ThySelf!

You and Mother Earth

Allah created us perfect, and waits patiently for us to recognize and understand that we are one in the body of Christ. We are anointed ones, choose to live in your hearts beloved that is the center, that is Allah, that is our true self.

Perfection doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it doesn’t mean your magic wand suddenly appears. It just puts us in the place where we’re born to be.

Infinite love My Beloveds. It is the new dawning. We are the Game Changers.
Aging stops now, our talents have been activated and continues to expand our abilities will be beyond what you would consider normal but it is to us, take it as it comes, work with it, master it once more, and let it loose to heal the world. This is why we have awaken at this time to heal the rift to heal the divide, to care for Mother Earth. Bond with her as much as you can and release all excess energy back into the Earth, alway circulate your energy.

Mother Earth listens to us and protect us in our daily walk, and if you set an intention before you go anywhere, whether it is love or peace or both, express it, say it out loud, touch the earth or write it in the air and the energy will flow to your destination. Always for the highest good.


Are we conditioned?

Condition: A restricting, limiting, or modifying circumstance. A circumstance indispensable to some result; prerequisite that in which something else is contingent: conditions of acceptance.Usually, conditions. Ex: existing circumstances: poor living conditions.

Infinite love family, I greet you in love and light of all that is you.

This word I thought on today is a conundrum of deception. It leaves you in places you yourself did not envision. We are going on now centuries on words and deeds of others who have so craftily colored our out look on existence. WoW! The others! Who are the others, and why do we believe or even perpetuate what they say? I have in my reflection examined some of my beliefs and thoughts and found that I have been conditioned in some degree. So I started questioning myself and myself answered, My God self the Divine within. I found that I took opinions and ways of being from my mother and all around growing up, not stopping to ask me if this is true? And do I really believe what I am being told and how do I feel about it? Now I do self reflection on a regular. Being co-creators, we need to do better and better starts with self.

From : The Power of Self-Dependence
By: Dr. Jorge Bucay 

“Never depending on what others say, but always listening to it.
Never obeying the advice of others, but always taking it into account.

Never allowing yourself to be ruled by opinions coming from outside, but always registering them with clarity.”

“We can only stop being morally stupid when we recover our own principles, when we stop thinking that others have to decide for us, or tell us what we should not do.”

“My personal history may affect my choices, but it does not take away from me the possibility of making my own choices.”

I find this book to be a jewel among others books that I have read. They give you insights and have you questioning everything, and learning all about yourself. So for all my fellow sojourners keep on the path to discovery.

Infinite love and life everlasting.


The Awakening

Infinite love family and peace forevermore. Each day as we open our eyes to experience the new dawning we are enriched with a beautiful world. We are gifted in every moment, but do we even look at these moments to see and understand? We live in a benevolent universe, we create together and separately but we do create.

Together as one, accepting without judgement and expectation of the other will help us to be as we are meant to be. In a universe of free choice, it means we let each being be themselves, we let go and let the Divine lead us always.

Think about it, what if we were all the same in actions and deeds?

Allah’s world is ever expanding and experiencing anew. Love plays an integral part of it, it opens you up to possibilities and worlds beyond worlds. Love the button that triggers the heart center to really open. Love that can forgive all things, love that see each as self but also unique. This love that I speak of is unconditional love for all creation, my desire today is for all to experience this love.
For my Beloveds that are on this path, the path to experience and know self first, you are brave and loved beyond compare.

Divine Change

Our life’s journey is Divine.

(of or relating to a god, especially the Supreme Being) proceeding from God or a god: divine laws; divine guidance. extremely good; unusually lovely

This is just a few understanding of what Divine means. A beautiful word bestowed by the creator to his created. But it is also our attribute as beings of the creator. So when we think of ourselves, how do we really?  Do we think we are unusually lovely? Do we think we proceeded from God? Questions we really need to start asking ourselves. Diving deep into the mystery of self, we are as the Bible teaches the sons and daughters of God yet we refuse to accept or even acknowledge the Divinity within us. We deny God (self), why would we knowingly deny God (self)?

Is this a question for teachings or upbringing or dogmas that have been passed down. Which is it? And why do we attach it to ourselves? How many layers do we have to peel away to accept Divinity? And how will we handle it when we are at the core and find it to be true?

I find myself asking so many question. But where to look for my answers? Books? Teachers? Parents? Peers? Siblings? Family? Media? There seems to be a never ending source to get information. But is it relevant? Is it truth and how do we discern?

My thoughts take me into these places, places I assume others go into as well. My thoughts are on God and of God. And in my thinking, amazing things happen. By asking specific questions, you are ready to learn. Who are YOU? Who is GOD? Do YOU know who YOU are? Do YOU believe in who YOU are? If  I tell you we are God. How would you receive it, how would you react? What kind of fight would you be having within yourself to accept truth? After being condition for so long how could this be? How and why would anyone make such an assumption to even think that they are. Who would dare attach divinity to themselves? But I ask the question why not? I find that left in thought, if it is lofty and for the greater good, I receive answers in visions or with that quiet voice that warns and guides. I find that what I have been searching for has always been with me and could never depart, because in its departure is my departure. In it’s discovery I find my true self, my God self, what we are by nature. But we have been acting other than our nature because we did not look that closely within. And in this discovery a change starts to take place, it blossoms and it is beautiful. It will fuel you to do and create because we are God’s hand and feet in the physical word, the tangible world. We discover that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, or some might say we are human beings having a spiritual experience and the human experience is so beautiful, it continues generations after generations because God willed it so. But however you look at it, at our core we will always be God, accept or deny you cannot change it.

I conclude this written with Change defining before preceding.

Change – to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name; to change one’s opinion; to change the course of history. To transform or convert (usually followed by into, to substitute another or others for; exchange for something else, usually of the same kind: She changed her shoes when she got home from the office; to give and take reciprocally; interchange: to change places with someone.

So now that we have a little more understanding about change. How is this relevant? Well a great teacher said how can we know anything without proper definition, so clarity is a must. So we now know that we are Divine and the core of us is God. Change is a must! We no longer look outside of ourself to cast blame or disappointment. We take up the mantle we take the responsibility  and be productive co- creators. Accepting that we can and will change for the greater good is a good start.  Accepting that we decide everyday what we will and will not do creates our life’s experience. Accepting that we decide how to react and respond to every situation determines how we communicate with one another. We have this, it is our ability to do and see that we are doing, it is a conscious shift to say I will do better now. We have been given what we need to create wisely and with discernment. So let US discern wisely and with knowing intent to do better NOW!

Infinite Peace and Blessings of abundance to all.