Birthdays are for mothers.

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The celebration of mothers is observed on different dates across the world. Mother’s Day in Mexico is on May 10. In most countries, it’s observed on the second Sunday of May. The fact is Mother’s Day is everyday because we can never thank our mother’s enough for sacrificing their life to bring us forth. Not only do I strive to show my mother I appreciate her everyday, I ensure she knows how much I appreciate her on my birthday.

On March 9, 2016, my beautiful mother sent me a picture with her hair covered saying, “this is for you”.

I really appreciate my mother because she supports my faith in and with Islam. Not only does she support me, but she inquires about my standings and with what’s going on.

She’s so beautiful by appearance, personality, in her motherhood, by the ways she loves, and for so many other reasons. She’s smart, fun, has a sense of humor, takes care of her children and everyone else’s. She opens the door to her heart and home (with caution). She tells it how it is and she never stops giving.

I love my mother. I don’t wait until she calls, until so-called Mother’s Day, or her birthday to tell her. I tell my mother every chance I get. She’s honestly the best for and to me.

She’s an active listener to my ongoing rants, even when I repeat what I’ve shared yesterday, she’s still here to hear the same stories of last year and still willing to give new advice. She hears my pain, looks into my scars, calls me out when I’m wrong, and strives to understand what I love most. She is really such a beautiful person. I understand the way I am because of the woman who bore me. I can’t thank her enough for giving me life.

I’m so appreciative that Allah allowed me to come forth through Tamika, my mother.

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