Allah’s love for His girl, Sister Terrika Muhammad

I am a “Nation Baby” so I was raised in the Nation, but I did still choose Islam for myself. Because we are a curious people with free will, we all have that period of time where we wander from the religious beliefs that we were raised knowing. That lasted approximately six months for me. I realized quickly that I belong in The Nation.

img_0241-2I started hanging with my college friends, you know, living the “college life” and Allah (God) always showed me that I didn’t belong. I had a death experience at least twice. One, an associate was under the influence, and almost drove us off the road. The people around me all thought this situation was funny, but I knew, Allah’s goal was to snatch me back in. I was even put on probation from college being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, I completed secondary education with a Bachelors of Science and am currently in the field of technology in accordance with my studies. Then, I was completely oblivious to where I was in that moment. The song that I relate to, that literally had me in tears was Crawl by Chris Brown. I had to crawl my way back to The Nation, to Allah. Quickly!

He gave the human being something that He never gave any of His creatures. He gave us the free will to choose and then He offers us the right way. But He lets us choose if we wish to follow His Way.
– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, A Prescription for Humanity (article)

The Nation of Islam set me apart from the people I was around in public. I was taught things that the world could never teach me. I was taught that cleanliness was next to godliness and that I could literally become God! I am the Second Self of God. What an honor that is! If all women knew that, we would carry ourselves better and move like we were on top on the world. Because we literally are. We build nations. I wouldn’t have learned these things had it not been for Master Fard Muhammad, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I love them for their sacrifice and for saving my life.

The Nation of Islam showed me how special I was from a young age and helped me to see my true value. Being an M.G.T., Muslim Girl in Training gives me that okay to still be a little girl in Allah’s eyes, while still evolving to be the best woman that I can be. One who is always willing to learn more from God and His servants.

Matthew 18:3 “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

God’s servant in our midst, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has given me life! I think life should include fulfillment, purpose, honor, humbleness. Minister Louis Farrakhan has taught me how to achieve all of that, plus more! I have a life with untapped value that I am still learning how to discover from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


As I’m continuing to discover my value, I see the importance of dressing modest, which brings up a challenge that comes with being a Muslimah: what do I wear?! Especially in the summer. Almost every store wants for you to conform and show some kind of skin! I am overcoming it by getting my own clothes made. Sometimes we have to go the extra mile for things we love. My Islam is love.

Sister Sharanda Died Three Times to Live

Prior to joining The Nation of Islam, I’d been having visions into future experiences. I am and always am destined to be spiritually inclined. I believed in a higher being or divinity, however I believe in The All. As a spiritual teacher, Jesus left principles that are worth adhering to. I understand when they ask Jesus how do you pray, he answered you pray unto the father. I pray only to The Creator, my sustenance comes through The All.

You are not taught to pray to be heard by Moses and other prophets, not even Elijah whom they say went to Heaven whole soul and body. If Elijah cannot hear a prayer and he was not killed as Jesus was, then how can Jesus hear a prayer? We must not pray to dead prophets. They can’t hear our prayers.
The Muslim loves all of Allah’s prophets, but we will not pray for life to come to us from a dead prophet; not even to Muhammad who lived nearly 1,400 years ago. We pray in the name of Allah and mention the name of His last prophet in our prayer as an honor and thanks to Allah for His last guide to us.
– The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Day of Resurrection of Dead So-Called Negroes Has Arrived (Reprint from Our Saviour Has Arrived)

The vision before I accepted was of my death 3 times. Did I die? In the last one, I cried out to Jesus and in the vision I said no “Allah”. I awoke confused of this vision, but it brought about an intense craving to read and learn. Thus, for months I did nothing but read all of the books I could find. I did not sleep – my family a woke and slept and each time they found me reading.

“When he is [you are] taught the spirit of truth, He will guide you into all truth.”
– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Crucifixion of Jesus

Next, I went through tremors and shaking when something moved me to my core, as confirmation that I was receiving truth. To say this is Divine intervention is correct. So much synchronicity happened in my life; it initially started when I came to America. I was meant to be here – Destiny would have it no other way.

The power of thought, as manifested through the Law of Synchronicity and The Theology of Time, projects all things coming to pass in the appropriate moment and place.
– Mother Tynetta Muhammad, A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words (article)

An MGT in The Nation of Islam is a woman knowing and accepting that all possibilities are open for me, I can accomplish what I will. That I am my own ruler. I design my fate according to my actions and deeds and first and foremost to do no harm. It means to me that I have accepted peace from within myself, from Allah no force can break. It means to me that the oneness of Allah is all I need.

Allah is sufficient for me—there is no God but He. On Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of the mighty Throne. (Holy Qur’an 9:128-129)

Being in The Nation of Islam, I am blessed to say I have not come across many challenges. My family at first questioned why, but let it go, because of love and tolerance for each other. Friends have not questioned my faith. One went as far as saying, I knew your spiritual path would take you where you wanted to be. She said and I quote:

“You are an all or nothing type of person.”

I may have died three times in a vision, but it saved me. Islam is Life.

Interested in knowing some of the books I read during this time:

  • At the beginning, I was guided to Psalm and completed this Book in The Bible.
  • I read Hermès Trice The Great twice
  • Dare to Believe by Mary Rowland
  • The Secret of Freemasonry by Elijah Muhammad
  • The Secret to Perfect Living by James Mangan
  • The Holy Qur’an
  • Study Guide 19: by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
  • The God Tribe of Shabazz
  • The Genesis Years (unpublished and rare writing)
  • The Motherplane by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  • The Book of Enoch
  • Books on Aristotle, Plato, and Osho

Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

ProfessionallyI’m in marketing and was offended when a story in the pipeline for Muslim Women’s Day got delayed because “it’s not a widely-known holiday”. Because I’m taught to rise above emotions into the thinking of God, I realized that it is my responsibility to spread the Good News and represent as a Muslim woman. I don’t need to wait on anyone or expect anyone else to do the work. I will say, I am happy my job will share a story on a Muslim woman. It’s just that comment was an ouch that I turned into an opportunity.

Documented Journey covered eight stories of eight beautiful sisters who are embracing their Islam. Sit back in your chair and join us on our journeys.

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I Live – Poem

What I’m going to share is not my story alone. Your story is mine, my story is yours. So I ask: as I share my experience, will you reflect on self?


I am beginning to appreciate the Cycles of Life.

Allah wrote on my heart last night, I felt His presence so clearly.

He imprinted His mind on mine and I received it all in a dream.

I woke up and realized what Allah was showing me. He gifted me with The Bee to say the least. He reminded me of all of the reasons to live.

He gives me purpose when I feel as if there’s none left for me. He told me to stop asking “how” but to remember the mission and get right to work because it’s a remedy for healing illnesses. Diving into the work provides direction. I bear witness. It recharges you and gives life when it feels as if there’s nothing left. The work fuels you. Being in your presence fuels me and if I come in with my Higher Power, then I too, can fuel you.

And I desire that reciprocity, for us to be a reflection of one another. We are His children, so let’s mirror what that means.


Selfless when it comes to serving God. Because although this is my life to live, my life is not mine. I am all for God. And God is love, so I’m living because interchangeable to love is to live. So I had to (re)learn how to love me again. This new found love enabled me to live again. But do you understand that I partially had to die for this rebirth to love and live again? Understand, that I say again because killing doubt, ego, fear, insecurities, and vain is an everyday process.


I’ve come to realize that we are always in the womb, a stage in our development that brings forth our reality, a new chapter on our journey of life. This journey is an awakening path. And on this path I had to learn from The Minister that, “pain is the mother of creativity”, so I had to reflect on the illnesses that Allah permitted, but I caused.


It was like starting over from the womb. I had to go back to a dark place, I had to put myself in a confined space. All I could hear and feel was Allah. All third parties had to be removed. It was just me and Allah. And honestly, I did not like this place or the pace in which God and I were co-existing. Everything seemed to be too slow. I was becoming impatient. My impatience led to me becoming a sick patient.

Due to my ignorance of not wanting to endure the pregnancy phase, I began to lose the critical aspects of my development because I aborted the process. The 9 stages. I need all 9 to aim towards completeness to become one with Allah, to be whole again. But my pain brought me back to life.


I made a commitment to take care of self first. And stop doing the most for others. I had to arrange the line of duty in the right order.

I turned the TV off to see my reality clear. My life became crystallized and my need for crystals vanished because I was able to activate my crystals within.

But in order for me to keep them charged, I had to remember that I’m dependent, so I submitted to God. And my love for Him prepared me for the battlefield. His armor helped me confront my trials. And when I got through them, this time I wasn’t broken. Instead, I was renewed. Transformed for His cause.


I have another problem. When I learn, I like to give. You see? I give as I receive. But I’m learning as I receive, I shall pause for I, for me. Just as I need to parse words, I need to parse the moment. When I’m done sharing a piece that God gave to me, I’m going to take part in a moment of solitude, which has “I” before “U” in the word solitude with lit before the u.

See I need to spark a fire in myself first, in order to be So LIT. So-lit-tude. That probably went over your heard. But basically, if I don’t see myself as light then no one else will.

So my selah moments lift me. Selah just means praise and meditation. So my Selah moments lift me. So when people say “there is no cure for that”, I tell them, don’t use that dead language around me. You + Allah is your own cure, but you gotta spark that mustard seed by putting your faith to work.

Blessed doesn’t mean that I won’t be a mess… In fact it’s because of my mess, that I am blessed. Misfortunes are my fortunes. The way you challenge me shows me my challenged self. So please encourage me when you see I’m off. And I’ll do the same for you. Cause when together, we reflect our Higher Self… Flying like the bee…


Can I talk about my totem with you? The bee. The bee is my spiritual totem. A totem, is similar to a spirit animal, but on a higher plane.

According to science, bees are not supposed to be able to fly, like the Black man and woman are not supposed to rise. The wings of a bee are not supposed to be able to lift the weight of their body. Our knowledge is not supposed to be able to lift the masses of the people. But, like the bee who has its wings, we have our wings. Protect your temple. Use your crown as the wings to free yourself as the bee does.


BUT in order to reach this freedom:

You gotta start over from the womb. Go back to a dark place, put yourself in a confined space. Hear and feel Allah. Remove all third parties. Just you and Allah. And honestly, you may not always like this place or the pace in which God and you coexist. Everything may seem too slow. You may become impatient, but don’t become a sick patient.

Endure the pregnancy phase. Enjoy your development. It’s a process of 9 stages. You need all 9 to aim towards completeness to become one with Allah, to be whole again.

If you nurture the trimesters, you will give birth to a god. That’s you a new god. Your pain will bring you back to life. And instead of coexisting with God, you will live with Him. Don’t just exist. Live. Understand your purpose, take care of you, so that you may heal the community.


Allah wrote on my heart last night, I felt His presence so clearly.

He imprinted His mind on mine and I received it all in a dream.

I woke up and realized what Allah was showing me. I parsed my learnings in moments of solitude. And then I gave (right now) what I received to you.

I am beginning to appreciate the Cycles of Life.

Follow your dreams by the season, not by your passion.

On Wednesday, November 22, I reflected on when I joined The Nation of Islam. The Genesis of our journey, is a constant reflection that we should take the time to understand. As Sister Saron X from the UK shared, “We must always remember our Genesis as individuals, it holds so many keys to where Allah is taking us and our purpose!”

Before coming into the knowledge of self, I was heavily involved in acting. It was my life. I was on my way towards becoming a full-time actress. It’s what I wanted and what I seen for myself in my youth, on stage sharing a message.

Now that I’ve learned more about my purpose, my journey, and what Allah (God) is preparing me for, I want to share a piece of it with you. My hope is that you reflect and see what parts of this puzzle resonate.

The CharmerDuring my first Saviours’ Day of 2014 with the theme, “How Strong Is The Foundation; Can We Survive?”, there was a Special Documentary Presentation of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled “Let’s Change the World: My Life Journey Through Music” that forever changed my life. During the documentary, he shared his love for music and how he gave up his passion to accept his assignment (those are not his words, but my way of describing some of what I took from it). I had a constant flow of tears that would not stop. I knew I was at the right place at the right time, but I did not understand The Time that we were and currently in. I was digesting what was being given to me. I couldn’t really gather my thoughts, but I was so thankful. I felt something in my being come alive and in that moment, all I wanted to do was help that man. Not necessarily the man on the screen, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I wanted to help his teacher, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but the reality is that I wanted to grow close to the man who helped them become who they are and are continuing to grow into, which is Allah (God), Who appeared to us in The Person of Master Fard Muhammad. In that moment though, all I could think was, “what a beautiful introduction, what a beautiful gift it is to learn about a man who has made many of sacrifices to (do more than) serve a Nation”. I silently asked, “Where have I been? Why am I just learning about The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam”?

The documentary is not available for you to watch. However, in The Time And What Must Be Done, Part 7, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shares his experience of the sacrifice he made.

I know that’s a lot, but it’s important for me to share those thoughts (that experience) because it leads to dreams, seasons, and passions. If you’re interested, I ask you to take your time reading this and, as always, I ask you to reflect on your own journey.

After the Wednesday youth lecture at The Final Call, I started thinking about my love for acting and why Allah showed me the documentary upon my introduction. In that moment, I learned that it was time to put my acting on hold, in order to soak up this new beginning. Not because I am The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I understand that’s clearly not the case. One thing that’s for sure, I’ve always been the type of person to find connections between what’s happening now and what occurred in the past.


So, I started thinking about how Allah (God) has always put me in situations that caused me to be aberrant in search for what could be my type. I was looking for my type because amongst all of the family and people surrounding me in school, I always felt apart from them and my love for acting made me feel as if I was cultivating something in me. When I was on stage, I was able to connect with people (the cast, crew, and the audience) and those who I was portraying caused me to learn more about self. There was so much going on in my life that I didn’t understand. The scripts allowed me to wear the shoes of others and I decided to take time to understand their circumstances. It was like putting my problems on pause to dive into the dilemmas of humanity that no one wanted to speak of, but that folks wanted to be entertained with. Acting was a commitment I made. I had to give up a part of me in order to bring out what the playwright and directors wanted. The duty that I gave to be in plays affected the time that I had with family and friends. This was the first time I realized that I had to choose what was important to me, even if it meant that it would cause disappointment because I couldn’t always be in the presence of those I love.

Read the full article from this video here.

I hope you’re following. When I joined The Nation of Islam, I had plenty of people questioning my character and choices for what was about to change everything. The more I attended meetings, I started infusing what I learned into my life and realized this was all I ever had time for. I was supposed to be signing up for my next acting class, so I could start auditioning for plays and to finally be behind the camera for film productions. However, I’d began studying Student Enrollment, so that I could recite and devote my life for a cause that would require me to look at all of the (split) characters inside of self. Allah (God) was telling me that I could no longer focus on the lives of others. In fact, he said that you cannot help anyone, until you start looking at and dealing with yourself as priority. Just as I would shut everything out to learn my lines, I started learning about history and unpacking who I am.

When I gave up acting, I told Allah (God) that I’d put my dream on hold to receive what He has for me and that if He gave me the opportunity to act again, I would do so with intentional purpose. Well, I recently realized that Allah has been telling me, it’s time to utilize my gift of acting to touch the masses.

I had a dream on Wednesday. I seen this group of singers on stage and there was one who didn’t feel comfortable with the people that she was working with because it was causing her to deviate from the assignment that was set for her. Once she started singing for the right purposes, she felt alive again. So she had to carefully choose the people who were going to be in her corner, on her team, and be very selective in the projects that she would use her gift for and give her time to. When she followed instructions, her assignment became clear, but she had to go through multiple seasons (trials) to understand. However, in the end her gift impacted many and most of all she was genuinely happy and sane.

This dream does not appear to be deep. No, I did not travel or go to some high place. However, if we can begin to take lessons from “regular” dreams, then the mind can go anywhere. Start simple and stay simple as you’re revealed more.

Upon waking up, I smiled because I knew Allah (God) was using the dream to give me another sign of what time it is for my life. He gave His approval and another sign confirming what I can do for His Mission.

If I wasn’t willing to give up acting in the past, I wouldn’t have become so in love with me and continuing at the time would have only caused my acting to fall flat. I didn’t give up something that I wasn’t good at. My very first play and my last, I won an award for. Acting wasn’t just some hobby. I know I could’ve made a lot of money in the industry. However, I probably would have become a product of society, instead of a civilized person who God is shaping to be His co-creator.

Now, I have a message to share that I couldn’t have done without Supreme Wisdom. I had to realize that I must be a full-time servant of God and always put myself second to Him. In The Nation of Islam, I found “my type”. Yes, at times I have to remove myself from others, but solitude is how we were created in the womb, so oneness (time with God and self) is what we need to workout our salvation.

What dreams do you have? What season are you in? Are there some people that you need to allow to FALL back, so you can SPRING ahead? Because of the season you’re in, what do you have to sacrifice? Are you able to focus on the mission and be passionate about what assignment you have in this season? As the seasons change, no matter if you’re able to activate the gift you have in mind, will you be able to find the passion that you have, so that you’re working for the greater good? And when the weather (condition) of the season starts showing you that it’s time to pursue your dream, will you be ready to actively put your gifts to use, as the calamities come?

What’s the benefit of good deeds when done out of season? You may be passionate about something or have a gift to give, but if it’s shared at the wrong time, then it won’t serve anyone well. Therefore, we have to ground ourselves, get a Red Jasper crystal, gain control over what we’re passionate about and learn how to activate the passion at the right time because if we don’t we will harm ourselves and maybe others. We all have a role to fulfill and when we’re not being dutiful, we delay the process of a collective development.

Everyone may not understand your choices, but it’s not for them to understand. This is your journey. People may think you’re changing and they may take that in a negative way, but something that I keep in mind is: What everyone can’t see is that I am a new being, but I am the person who is blossoming into everything that I need to become.

Acting was the seed I needed to cultivate strength. The Teachings nourished me and prepared me for the garden Allah is producing. 

There was a time when I devoted my life to acting, now I devote my life to live for a divine purpose.

What are you living for and doing in this season?

Be a living influence: My Thanksgiving Reflections

It had been years since I spent Thanksgiving with my family. I felt as if my choice of accepting Islam was one that wasn’t accepted by those I love. However, I realized that the more I love Islam and accept all of me that everyone else will accept who I am, even if they don’t like who I’ve become (think about that). So 2016, was the start of me spending time with my family again during the hellidays (no spell check needed).

Last year, on the day of what America acknowledges as Thanksgiving, I woke up asking what I could do for Native Americans, our indigenous family (that was literally my first thought). I didn’t want to be the annoying woke person, but I did want to share a message. That’s when I decided that I was going to the store to find feathers. I knew I could piece some clothing together that had been sitting in my closet and that honestly nothing else really matters, except my hair and face because that would be the dominant place that everyone would have to SEE. This day I decided to be a walking influence.

When, I was getting dressed I was so excited, so happy that I would be sending a message that we should not forget about the history of Native Americans. However, when I was trying to put the feather in my head I was having a slight problem. It either would not stay or it just looked weird. I FaceTime’d my Native American friend, Toots, who I went to high school with and was talking her through what I was doing and shared the small problem I was having with placing the feather (she was so appreciative of what I was doing).

It took me back to when I would mistakenly refer to her as Mexican. She would always correct me with a tone that let me know that she was irritated at the fact that I couldn’t get it right, but she wasn’t angry. One thing I reflected on was that she never taught me the difference. I didn’t understand what it meant to be a Native American and honestly out of my ignorance, I thought a Native American was the same as being a Hispanic. It wasn’t until I joined the Nation of Islam and started studying Student Enrollment and reading Closing The Gap that it all clicked for me. I reflected back on Toot’s correction and I thought to myself wow! her and her beautiful family are Native Americans. It made them special people in my eyes. Not to say that they weren’t before that moment, but my understanding of them increased. Her connection and love for dreamcatchers and indescribable way of thinking all made sense. She had history in her blood that she couldn’t shake, but she never pushed her truth on anyone. That’s what I admire about her most. I also understand that it wasn’t her place to teach me about her history because at the time in my journey, it probably wouldn’t have had meaning in my life. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t inform one another. However, we know when it’s time and when it’s simply time to keep our mouths zipped.

After getting my “look together”, I stepped outside of the room

ThanksTaken 2016 IMG_1601
2016, I am a warrior for Allah

proud and I had very meaningful conversations with my family. I was so proud of myself and thankful for The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.This year, I was thinking I can’t let this stop, I will dress similar. Only this time I felt as if i didn’t have anything to wear in my tight filled closet (oh please!). I was thinking I could go to the store and buy a brown sweatshirt. It’s just one shirt, it won’t contribute to the sales as much. Really Destiny? Here I am trying to justify how I was going to wrongfully spend my funds. At the end of it all, again, I pieced some things together from that closet full of things I haven’t worn and don’t plan to ever wear again. Whenever we want to do something different with our appearance, I challenge us to use what we already have. We don’t need to buy anything new. So again, I dressed in the way that I felt comfortable and that would do some justice for our Native Americans and for all of us as Original People of this Earth. This is our land.

Last, I didn’t exclude myself from my family only because they didn’t accept my choice of being with the Nation of Islam. I removed myself from their celebrations because it felt as if I would partially be celebrating with them. However, the reality is that would mean that I shouldn’t be around them everyday because we think and believe different, right? If I’m grounded in who I am and know what I believe in, then why does it matter if I’m spending time with my family on this day? Plus, do you know how hard it is to get Black people in the same room? When we’re doing it in the name of Jesus (as most say), then when we’re all in the room together, then we can bring the real Jesus into the conversation. Throughout the bathroom, I had the door hangers that we passed out in 2015 (because truth is infinite). You’re getting a taste of truth whenever I’m in your presence.IMG_2543

My family knows I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and they actually stopped saying “Happy Thanksgiving” to me. In fact, one family member said “Happy Thanks…” in the middle of hugging me and stopped in mid-sentence. They understand and respect who I am because I respectfully make it known. Everyone knows that I am different and because of it, we are able to dialogue about things that wouldn’t be possible in my mind had it not been for The Teachings. During these past years, we’ve discussed redistributing the pain, eating habits, crystals, chakras, how we’re living through scriptures now according to The Bible, smallpox, genocide of a day that we say is one for celebrating what we’re grateful for, and so much more. My five-year-old cousin asked me why I had feathers in my head. I told her because on this day we acknowledge Native Americans and Original People. She responded with, I want a feather. My four-year-old Brother, TJ said, I want one too. So I gave pretty Madison a feather for her ponytail and I pinned a feather on my Brothers shirt, unfortunately, the feather kept falling off of my TJ (I should’ve taken a picture with the three of them). Guess what? I just planted something in their young minds.

If I wasn’t in the presence of my family, who would be there to drop seeds? Who would be there to inform or remind them what really happened on this day? What good am I serving when I go out into the community to save our people in the streets, but turn my back on those who I share blood with and who are in the same home as me? We have a duty to Allah, self, family, and then the community.

What is the population of the Original Nation in the wilderness of North America, and all over the planet Earth?

The population of the Original nation in the wilderness of North America is 17,000,000. With the 2,000,000 Indians makes it – 19,000,000. All over the planet Earth is 4,400,000,000.

Do we really believe this? If we do, then we would understand that removing ourselves from our family, who are a part of the Original Nation is a missed opportunity, when it is our duty to raise the thinking of our people.

After describing to some people how I dressed, they were offended to hear that I resembled a Native American. They said that it sounded like culture appropriation, but it’s not at all. I’m not making mockery. Once I show pictures, they understand, which also helps me understand that some don’t get it, until they have a visual. So imagine what my family is thinking as they’re constantly looking at me, which now makes this the second year in a row where I am a reminder of what we’re facing here in America.

ThanksTaken 2016 IMG_2540
I took more than a moment for our indigenous family. I lit some incense, I pressed on my crystals, and listened to one of my favorite albums, Native American Flute. Most of all I was a living influence, who planted seeds. I thank Allah for helping me see realities.

These past two years with my family have been great. I wouldn’t trade this time with them. I called in to my weekly Vanguard conference call, so I’m still keeping The Mission at the top of my mind. Everyday is Thanksgiving and I am very thankful to have my family and have The Teachings. I am balancing my Islam well and making sure that my balance is not contradicting in anyway.

When we begin to understand that Islam is a way of life, I think we will begin to see that everywhere we go, Islam enters the room and that as Muslims, we give a piece of Islam (bread) to those we touch (feed). I know that I did my part on Thanksgiving in 2016 and 2017.

There may be Believers who disagree with my choice, but we all have our individual purpose for serving in The Mission. The goal is for each of us to receive our assignments and get to work for as long as we are able.

We have the power of turning every day that is filled with hell into a holiday.

May we all be living influences.

The Awakening

Infinite love family and peace forevermore. Each day as we open our eyes to experience the new dawning we are enriched with a beautiful world. We are gifted in every moment, but do we even look at these moments to see and understand? We live in a benevolent universe, we create together and separately but we do create.

Together as one, accepting without judgement and expectation of the other will help us to be as we are meant to be. In a universe of free choice, it means we let each being be themselves, we let go and let the Divine lead us always.

Think about it, what if we were all the same in actions and deeds?

Allah’s world is ever expanding and experiencing anew. Love plays an integral part of it, it opens you up to possibilities and worlds beyond worlds. Love the button that triggers the heart center to really open. Love that can forgive all things, love that see each as self but also unique. This love that I speak of is unconditional love for all creation, my desire today is for all to experience this love.
For my Beloveds that are on this path, the path to experience and know self first, you are brave and loved beyond compare.

My Second Degree Burn Testimony & Spiritual Burnout Story

If someone was to burn you would you thank them? Can you see the beauty in your injury/scars?

In the video you’ll hear me refer to the burn as third degree, but after reviewing the pictures, I think it was a second degree burn. Nevertheless, the experience still counts.

Watch the video to hear how the burn has changed my life:

From Christian to Muslim: Former Rapper Loon Shares His Story

Do you remember Loon? He was a rapper signed to Sean Diddy Comb’s Bad Boy Records, who moved on to have his own label. Soon after he was convicted of conspiracy with intent to traffic kilos of heroin and sentenced to jail for 14 years. Although, he was innocent, as most Black men are, he served his time while never complaining. Below is a snippet of awakening moments as he shares his story of struggle to spiritual success titled “The Wake Up Call”.

“I was surrounded by drugs, I was surround by violence, I was surrounded by crime, this was a lifestyle that I endured by default. It wasn’t my choice. By default. And today, some of the Brothers and Sisters try to incorporate this into an understanding that is so pure and that purity in simplicity is Islam. I spent a huge percentage of my life in darkness, doing for many years what I thought was right, but to become a Muslim and find out that I was spending 24-hours of my day, consistently everyday, involving myself and indulging in all of the major sins that are prohibited (timeframe of video: 11:00 – 11:57).

I was searching for something and Allah guided me to Islam, but dig this? You were born this way… Growing up you know as a Christian, I had certain suspicions when I was young. ‘Cause I used to spend 6 days a week in the church… I was tired, I had to sit there and watch these people sing all day. I remember I used to go to Bible studies. I remember just repeatedly kept hearing about Jesus praying… So I remember asking my pastor, I said ‘Pastor, I need to ask you a question’. He said, ‘what’s the problem son’?:

Q: If Jesus is God and he’s praying. Who’s he praying to?

And he just shut me down.

“Boy, you don’t believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour”? I’m like calm down. He was just about to beat me down. I’m a little kid, I’m like 8/9-years-old. But it was a legitimate question and you got me at Bible Study, so eventually, I’m going to come across this. Anyone who is there for the right reasons; you know not just there ’cause grandma is saying or just there because you have to be there. I was learning things myself. And I started to see certain things that just didn’t make sense. And he just kinda shut me down. From that point, I never went to church again. I said to myself,

I’m just going to believe in God ’cause whoever Jesus is praying to that’s The Man.

That’s The Man ’cause I tried to pray to Jesus and I can’t say the response time was always on time… But I know when I used to scream “Oh My God”, it seemed like something was working. And I knew that there was only One Creator and Islam made all of this clear to me.”

-Amir Junaid Muhadith (formerly known as Loon), watch below at 30:19 – 32

I Love Me: a checklist for loving self

When is the last time you said “I love you”?

Not to anyone else. When was the last time you said ‘I love me’?

What have you done to show your love for self today?

We’re going to go through a series of questions and I want you to reflect on the answers. I mean really take some time to study you! Take some time to watch the video for specifics.

  • How are you caring for yourself today?
  • Have you looked at yourself like you look at your crush?
  • Did you really look at yourself in the mirror today?
  • Did you lotion yourself today?
  • Did you take some time to condition your hair? Yes, brother you too!
  • Did you clean your space?
  • What did you feed yourself today?
  • How are you healing yourself?
  • Did you right a wrong?
  • How are you putting yourself first?
  • How are you fighting for you?
  • How are you advocating for you?
  • What are you going to work on today to make progress towards a goal?
  • Do you have a bulletin with your vision boards on there?
  • Did you pray today?
  • Did you have a moment of solitude? A moment of silence? A moment with only you and God? Your Higher Power?
  • Did you you place your hand over your heart to understand your pace today?
  • Did you affirm yourself?
  • Did you smile?
  • Did you hug yourself today?

Questions specifically for sisters

  • When’s the last time you admired your natural hair? 
    • Brothers, did you rub that bald head of yours? I’m serious, rub your fade. Your fro. Those locks. Rub your hair, Rub your fingers through those locs, whatever you got.
  • Did you do your hair, even if it’s covered?
  • When’s the last time you wore zero make-up and looked at yourself like oh my god!
  • Have you talked to your womb today? Pregnant or not?

There are so many other questions that can be added. This is just a start. Watch the video for reflections. 

Honestly, I enjoyed recording this video because we are so far from loving ourselves. I hope and pray we get back to internal peace and love.