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In 2018, take care of you!

Peaceful New Year! How many years have you spent writing new year resolutions, but not actually making new year resolutions? This year, I encourage us to have a made up mind. As The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches, “Beloved, there is nothing more powerful than a made-up mind. Don’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Don’t tell me

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Your strengths

Defining STRENGTH! 1. The quality or state of being strong, in particular a) physical power and energy The emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations or events that are distressing or difficult. synonyms: fortitude, resilience, spirit, backbone, strength of character, courage, bravery, pluck, pluckiness, courageousness, grit, mettle, informal guts, spunk. The influence or power

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Follow your dreams by the season, not by your passion.

On Wednesday, November 22, I reflected on when I joined The Nation of Islam. The Genesis of our journey, is a constant reflection that we should take the time to understand. As Sister Saron X from the UK shared, “We must always remember our Genesis as individuals, it holds so many keys to where Allah

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You and Mother Earth

Allah created us perfect, and waits patiently for us to recognize and understand that we are one in the body of Christ. We are anointed ones, choose to live in your hearts beloved that is the center, that is Allah, that is our true self. Perfection doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it doesn’t

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Are we conditioned? Condition: A restricting, limiting, or modifying circumstance. A circumstance indispensable to some result; prerequisite that in which something else is contingent: conditions of acceptance.Usually, conditions. Ex: existing circumstances: poor living conditions. Infinite love family, I greet you in love and light of all that is you. This word I thought on today is

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