Are we conditioned?

Condition: A restricting, limiting, or modifying circumstance. A circumstance indispensable to some result; prerequisite that in which something else is contingent: conditions of acceptance.Usually, conditions. Ex: existing circumstances: poor living conditions.

Infinite love family, I greet you in love and light of all that is you.

This word I thought on today is a conundrum of deception. It leaves you in places you yourself did not envision. We are going on now centuries on words and deeds of others who have so craftily colored our out look on existence. WoW! The others! Who are the others, and why do we believe or even perpetuate what they say? I have in my reflection examined some of my beliefs and thoughts and found that I have been conditioned in some degree. So I started questioning myself and myself answered, My God self the Divine within. I found that I took opinions and ways of being from my mother and all around growing up, not stopping to ask me if this is true? And do I really believe what I am being told and how do I feel about it? Now I do self reflection on a regular. Being co-creators, we need to do better and better starts with self.

From : The Power of Self-Dependence
By: Dr. Jorge Bucay 

“Never depending on what others say, but always listening to it.
Never obeying the advice of others, but always taking it into account.

Never allowing yourself to be ruled by opinions coming from outside, but always registering them with clarity.”

“We can only stop being morally stupid when we recover our own principles, when we stop thinking that others have to decide for us, or tell us what we should not do.”

“My personal history may affect my choices, but it does not take away from me the possibility of making my own choices.”

I find this book to be a jewel among others books that I have read. They give you insights and have you questioning everything, and learning all about yourself. So for all my fellow sojourners keep on the path to discovery.

Infinite love and life everlasting.


Written by HakimHaqq

I am unconditional love and light, I am divine, I am oneness. I am. I am flow, I am ease and grace all rolled up In this vessel, I am music, I am art, I All, I am limitless.

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