Family: 1) A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not 2) a traditional family 3) All those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor 4) A group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together    

Now that there’s a basic understanding of family, let us see how are you, how are we with our families.

Do we truly understand the dynamic of what family implies or truly means?
I would like to say all human being are my family because we choose to get along, we choose to work and find things that are desirable  together. But that’s not the only thing, we actually create a beautiful world together, our interaction with each other is what propels this world and we build it each moment of our knowing existence. Our visions never cease, and we can find all kinds of goodies when we take the time to look, really look at the person that we are communicating with. We can be in all kinds of emotions and thoughts from just one, but we never stop at one because that would be boring, so we expand and this gives us variety and it spices up our lives in ways we sometimes find pleasing and sometimes not, but it is all beautiful. Our collaboration willingly or unwillingly, knowingly and unconsciously is apart of our dynamic in this life.

I have come to the understanding that in our interaction with complete strangers it can instantly feel like home, it is a welcoming feeling to not have a filter and to be at peace, that offense will be by the wayside because we are in alignment with each other. This is something that I have and continue to experience with my family, the human family, and this comes with growth and acceptance of each person, just as they are. Freedom is acceptance, of all that is.

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days because of interracial coupling and marriages. The barriers that once was is no more. But is that just a perception on my part? If we live in a world but don’t interact with the world can we judge it? And if we interact with this world but carry our preconceived notions into it, are we seeing it clearly? At what point are we going to say that I will be open to new experiences and be my best self?

I have asked these questions because when we judge beforehand we miss out on so much because we went in with barriers, and barriers create barriers. That’s how energy works. We block and clog up our systems because we put it out there that, this/that or the other will take place instead of allowing the Divine to flow and work through us, to open doors for us and show us the way forward. This is something that has been programmed into the collective subconsciousness of the human family. But when do we say enough is enough and I will be that change in my family and I will be responsible for what I put out? When? I say now!

Now is a good time to evaluate your immediate family, how do you communicate with your mother, your father and the variety of relations you have been gifted with. How? Is it with suspicion and envy and all other traits that is not right acting? Or is it with love and peace and understanding? Whatever you put into your family, that is what you will receive. So it comes back to us, and again the preconceived notions and thoughts we perpetuate.

Family is home and home should always feel welcoming and safe. So be the change and be that safe place and watch the human family transcend.

Infinite Peace Family,


Know ThySelf!

Written by HakimHaqq

I am unconditional love and light, I am divine, I am oneness. I am. I am flow, I am ease and grace all rolled up In this vessel, I am music, I am art, I All, I am limitless.

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