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Are you interested in sharing your story or do you have a reflection to share with the world? If so, you have two options, submit your story or request an interview with Documented Journey and we will write your story.

If you mention a statistic or theory, please include a link to that source. This will serve as a chance for readers to follow your line of thinking and allow the option for readers to indulge in additional research.

By submitting to Documented Journey, you acknowledge and accept any form of editing that might occur on behalf of Documented Journey’s team. If there are any edits implemented they will be pointed out for your review and the near-final draft will not be shared until we receive your approval. Do you have a story to tell, but would rather someone else write your story? Our team would be happy to interview you and write your story while capturing your voice in first person.

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We do not compensate contributors for posts, however, we’re more than happy to include your brief bio containing links to your website and social handles, which we will promote when your post goes live.

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