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Trip to Akhirah’s Praline Candy, Beignets & Coffee House

After months of failed plans to visit Akhirah’s together, we finally ruled out all excuses. Linzetta (Liz) and I have been planning to go to Akhirah’s together since September when Brother Arron Muhammad, the Founder and Owner, shared that they would soon have beignets added to the menu. Two months later and we finally made

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No Judgement Zone: Survival of The Black Nation

The following text is from a speech delivered during the youth study group at The Final Call Administration Building in Chicago, Illinois on June 21, 2017. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, I bear witness that there is no god, but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger. I am a student

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A child’s pull to Akhirah’s Praline

As Linzetta (Liz) and her two-year-young son, RJ, were heading home, an aroma of caramelized sugar took over him. He began pulling her towards the opposite direction of home, so they could find out what the delicious smell was. Liz heard the voice of the owner, Brother Arron Muhammad say, “he knows what he wants”. So Liz

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