Fried BBQ Cauliflower at Majani tastes like chicken. Get you some!

I love exploring vegetarian and vegan restaurants. I visited Majani for the second time and decided to taste their fried BBQ cauliflower. Let’s just say I am in love!

Yesterday was my day to eat (I’m on an every other day fast with the start of every week being a three-day fast kinda diet) and I was looking for a treat. I remember having some of what Majani had to offer a few weeks ahead and thought to myself, why not have it again, especially on Shop Small Saturday.

After ordering, it felt like I was waiting for the place to be built. I looked in the kitchen area and noticed one of the cooks placing cauliflower in a container, but then she placed it on a plate. I’m thinking, “why is she preparing this for a dine-in guest, I want mine” *internal whine*. I seen a young girl being served the cauliflower and she was like, “yay! I love this!”. I’m thinking OMGee! Can mine get out any quicker? I’m inhaling all of the delicious smells and at this point, I want everything in the place (even all of what I don’t eat. lets’s cancel all dietary restrictions). Okay, I’m over exaggerating, but I was HI, hungimpatient (which means that I wanted it now)! 

I looked over the corner and seen more cauliflower in containers, so I finally asked if mine was ready, in a sweet voice, of course. I didn’t want to show signs of my HI. You know it was mine, right? So the Sister asked if I wanted a bag, I’m like, “no ma’am, I don’t want to waste it, may I have a fork, please”. Why is my mouth watering when I’ve never had this before? You also know I ate this in the car. I couldn’t wait, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I shared with my Nana and she was like, “it tastes like chicken”. She is a carnivore, so I would have understood if she said she didn’t like it. But she genuinely said, it tastes like fried chicken and tried to get her husband, my Papa to try it. 

It’s finally time that I cook my own. I don’t like frying foods, so I’ll wait to purchase the air fryer for an alternative way to make “healthy” fried meals.

Anywho, I’m so excited and am acting as if I’m eating them at this very moment. I’m not, but I had to let you know that Majani is worth supporting. They are a vegetarian-vegan Chicago restaurant with gluten and soy-free options. 

Visit their website at

A child’s pull to Akhirah’s Praline

As Linzetta (Liz) and her two-year-young son, RJ, were heading home, an aroma of caramelized sugar took over him. He began pulling her towards the opposite direction of home, so they could find out what the delicious smell was. Liz heard the voice of the owner, Brother Arron Muhammad say, “he knows what he wants”. So Liz gave in and they walked into Akhirah’s Praline.

Upon walking in, Brother Arron offered a cookie to RJ, while Liz is reading the menu. “Praline!”, she thinks to herself. Shortly after Liz offered to buy praline. He insisted that she did not need to purchase anything because he’d given a cookie, but Liz wanted to support and continued inquiring about the praline because she had a genuine interest and intentions of stopping by the coffee house upon it’s opening.

Brother Arron mentioned beignet being added to the menu soon, so Liz and RJ plan to visit Akhirah’s Praline again. “Beignets, I can not wait”, says Liz with excitement. They enjoyed their visit and I think he has another family of customers.

When your child pulls you to a Black owned restaurant, follow his tug and indulge!

How did I find about this?

Liz and I work together and were discussing her adventures of yesterday. She takes out the wrapper and I say, “is that Ahkirah’s? No.” She proceeds with yes!

“He was polite… mmm, this is good!”, she says as we’re talking. She offered me some praline and I wanted to accept, but I am currently fasting from sweets. So maybe in the future, Liz, RJ, and I can take a visit together to celebrate the completion of no sweets.

Visit and follow Ahkirah’s Praline Candy & Coffee House on Facebook!

B.Good: Boston Foodie! Did you say eggplant meatballs?

Looking for interesting vegetarian food in Boston? B.Good may be the best for your buds.

While in Boston, I was looking for vegetarian options that would make me want to take their menu home.

I came across B.Good and it definitely did me more than good. I ordered the spaghetti “meat” balls that consisted of zucchini noodles and eggplant as “meat” balls.
I am someone who does not like eating eggplant in restaurants, but the restaurant version tasted homemade. Of course, this wasn’t an easy decision. After spotting this on the menu, I asked the host if I could have a sample of the meatballs. He said yes! Otherwise, they would’ve lost a customer.

I couldn’t just try the food; I needed some filling dessert. They even have smoothies! I purchased the seasonal special: local blueberries.

Although I happen to like everything that’s in this flavor, I honestly went with this as the choice because it had dates. Dates win over everything! If you’re not aware dates are high in fiber and potassium.

Well they got me! Because now I’m going to add eggplant as a menu item in my kitchen, along with tossing dates in the blender.

There are other eye-appealing options that I did not get to explore since I had a short trip. I encourage you to try them and let us know what you think.

Nevertheless B.Good.

Sweet Boston Cupcakes

I love trying new food or in this case, sweets. 

While in Boston, I seen two women eating delicious cupcakes. My first reaction was to approach them and ask, “where did you get these from?” *walks over as I drool* I seen “Sweet” from afar on the box and did a reverse step. I thought to myself, “I can Google this place”. Second internal voice, “this place has got to be close by because those attractive looking bites were still fully formed”, the third voice that I try to silo (my way of saying silence) “Destiny, you don’t need them!” *sad face*

Did I start to find this place and go in route? Nope. I just kept walking and not in the fun way like when Dori says, just keep swimming. I was walking WITHOUT being on a trip for cupcakes. How could I let this happen?

As I walked further along, I ran into a pretty pink place. I noticed some cakes on the outside. *mouth waters* Wait! Are those cupcakes? Is this “Sweet”? *looks up* OMGEE – It’s meant to be!

I go in and look at all of the endless flavors and honestly I’m having a difficult time deciphering. Where should I start? Are there samples? *laughs* Heck no! I knew not to ask. The Sister was so sweet haha she was nice. By the time I asked her fifty questions about three different flavors, I decided to buy the root beer float and guess what she’s like “I already gave you that one. I’m giving you three.” Say what? How SWEET! So now, I pick the one to actually purchase and my choice was pink lemonade.

For once, honestly I can’t believe the choices I was picking. I typically play it safe when it comes to eating desserts because of pork-by-products, but I was trusting that everything was good for the body and buds.

Honestly, although the Sister let me know they weren’t sweet, I still imagined them being too sweet to bear. But they weren’t and I don’t eat overly sugary things. So trust me.

The cupcakes are the best. They’re moist and soft. Gluten-free. She wasn’t able to confirm if they were gelatin or lard-free, but these babies are bomb. Plus, after days later, they still tasted fresh!

I would go back to Boston just for the cupcakes. I’m kinda upset that after three years of sporadically going to Massachusetts, I never had this place. But the next time someone comes from Boston or that I go, either that someone is bringing me some or I’m making a trip.

If you’re there get you some and let me know what you think about the flavors you explore. Apparently they swap them out like soup of the day! *smiles showing all teeth* That’s how happy they made me.

The Flavors I Had

Yum-Yum! Sweet Cupcakes.

Root beer float: This was good. It didn’t have a strong taste that reflected pop (soda), but I got the concept that they were going for. I loved the look with the straw and drops of root beer.

The Sister shared that this is the least favored after asking about the popular ones. I could tell this one wasn’t because there were so many left, but that didn’t turn me away. I still gave it a try and would have it again.

Peach cobbler: Similar to above, there was peach filler in the middle of it. I would pass on this one.

Pink lemonade: The Sister said this one was her favorite and it’s also mine. I would go back for this time after time. And the straw again was a nice addition!