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I Live – Poem

What I’m going to share is not my story alone. Your story is mine, my story is yours. So I ask: as I share my experience, will you reflect on self? ***** I am beginning to appreciate the Cycles of Life. Allah wrote on my heart last night, I felt His presence so clearly. He

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Pretty Woman

Look @ Me… What do you see? Just Beauty? If you don’t look lose close enough you miss everything I’ve cried, been kicked, and screamed I’ve lost and found love then lost it again Lost my family and even my closest friend I’ve time after time lost it all my mind and hope I’ve washed

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I Can’t Breathe.

(written in 2015) I can’t breathe. I’m suffocating in my mind full of hope, although I feel as if there’s nothing to hope for. I’m asked to do this and that and even when I know that I’ve exceeded my bandwidth, I still continue to give out my data. I keep waiting to be recognized

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