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Dear Black Women

A thank you to Black women from a Black man.


God’s Number One Fisherman

My first time hearing The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was watching This Man Jesus. I was amazed by how bold he spoke and how there were facts after facts. However, my experience of hearing him in-person was incomparable to a recording on YouTube. In February 2014, I was blessed to attend my first Saviours’ Day and

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Rosa Parks; She sat down that we might stand

The article below is from The Final Call News.   I thank God for the accessible wisdom we have in a world that’s so corrupt. It’s important for us to retell stories, despite how much we think we already know. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we take the sacrifices of those who have come before us

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A Woman’s Hair Tells A Story

I often-time say, ‘hair is just hair’, but that’s false. A woman’s hair tells a story… and we have many stories to tell.  Taking a flashback into 2013 when I did the big chop: I was so happy walking out of that barbershop like I owned the ground I walk on. It’s 2017 now and within

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