Infinite love family and peace forevermore. Each day as we open our eyes to experience the new dawning we are enriched with a beautiful world. We are gifted in every moment, but do we even look at these moments to see and understand? We live in a benevolent universe, we create together and separately but we do create.

Together as one, accepting without judgement and expectation of the other will help us to be as we are meant to be. In a universe of free choice, it means we let each being be themselves, we let go and let the Divine lead us always.

Think about it, what if we were all the same in actions and deeds?

Allah’s world is ever expanding and experiencing anew. Love plays an integral part of it, it opens you up to possibilities and worlds beyond worlds. Love the button that triggers the heart center to really open. Love that can forgive all things, love that see each as self but also unique. This love that I speak of is unconditional love for all creation, my desire today is for all to experience this love.
For my Beloveds that are on this path, the path to experience and know self first, you are brave and loved beyond compare.

Written by HakimHaqq

I am unconditional love and light, I am divine, I am oneness. I am. I am flow, I am ease and grace all rolled up In this vessel, I am music, I am art, I All, I am limitless.

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