What is DJAWP?

Documented Journey: A Wakening Path

The moment we begin to rid self from who we personally think we should be, is when we begin our journey. It’s an AWakening path toward the journey that is destined for you to live.

Doing Justice, Always with Pride

When we see injustice do we stand aside and do nothing? Our team stands for Freedom Justice, and Equality. In doing justice, we are caring, consistent, and fair with a sense of well being.

Destiny’s Journey: A Woman’s Perspective

DJAWP stands for “Documented Journey: A Wakening Path”, “Doing Justice, Always with Pride”, “Destiny’s Journey: A Woman’s Perspective” or “Destiny’s Jungle: A Wonderful Pursuit”.

Initially it looks as if this blog is about Destiny, but it’s about us – this is our story. Destiny doesn’t just stand as a name. It’s a look into your own life — your fate (destiny). This is yOUR story.

Destiny’s Jungle: A Wonderful Pursuit

More details regarding what “Destiny’s Jungle: A Wonderful Pursuit” means will come when the “J” universe is released. 

More details regarding the meaning of DJAWP & the different universes of the letters will come soon.


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