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 “Pain is the mother of creativity.”

-The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Have you thought to yourself, “I wonder how much pain my mother and I were in while I was in her womb or even when I was born?” If you have not asked yourself this, you’re probably living in present time, while I live in a constant state of curiosity in past, present, and future. As far as the past, I wonder what it was like to be so connected to my mom during pregnancy. I reflect on this infancy stage because it was the starting point of my life and this fertile phase has allowed me to see restoration in pain.

From the time we are conceived in the womb, we are in a place of discomfort. The discomfort is there because we are physically developing into the person we need to be. Throughout labor it’s a similar process, however, after the pain births a new reality.  If we reflect on our lives, we will realize whenever there is pain there’s a rebirth, an opportunity to start fresh in our life. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches, “pain is the mother of creativity” and I want the world to know it’s okay to share their pain. Not pain in just the sense of human reproduction, but a spiritual awakening of the next chapter that’s coming into existence in our personal lives.

As humans, in most cases we only talk about the good or the end result. It’s rare that you hear people sharing the developing process. Are we escaping pain or do we not see the value in being transparent? Documented Journey is here to nurture the pain by unpacking what most tend to hesitate to share. We focus on sharing pain because transparency is purposeful; we refer to it as a TIP.

God uses our brokenness.
-Sarah Jakes Roberts

When there is transparency, there’s an opportunity to learn more about self. We’re either learning from our own experiences or through the lenses of others. When someone shares what they have done to overcome their obstacles, you feel inspired and are less compelled to make the same mistakes. If you share the childbearing journey, you may help someone else as their establishing their roots. The inner child in you and your pain is the experience that gets you and those surrounding to the next level.

There is no more hiding behind the mask, but openly sharing what we’ve been masking. Our stories empower and promote human elements of the beauty and the beast that lie in the dark. Our stories will connect us in this dimensional realm of the moon that borrows light from the sun in it’s absence.

I’m referring to this as our story because I know there are many people who are going through or who are living as the current and old me, as I may even reflect you. Remember, when I say “me”, I’m saying “you”. There are men and women who are walking in similar shoes as us, just down a different path.

“You see how the universe works, it takes my hurt and help me find more of myself. It’s a gift and a curse.”

– Jay-Z, 4:44, Legacy

We share awakening and truthful stories birthed from pain to make the ride on yOUR journey a bit clearer. Are you ready to turn your pain into creativity? Is it time to share your story?

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