Trip to Akhirah’s Praline Candy, Beignets & Coffee House


After months of failed plans to visit Akhirah’s together, we finally ruled out all excuses.

Linzetta (Liz) and I have been planning to go to Akhirah’s together since September when Brother Arron Muhammad, the Founder and Owner, shared that they would soon have beignets added to the menu. Two months later and we finally made it! 

Upon entering, it was very welcoming (as it always is). The melodies of Amy Winehouse, chants of Ray Charles, warm smell of pastries, Saints symbols, paintings from Louisiana, and lively spirit of the family working together creates an atmosphere of culture and love. 

As I patiently waited for Liz to arrive, I observed Brother Arron’s mannerisms of running the business. He greets everyone with love from children to elders. He makes everyone feel apart of the House and he’s willing to share history whether you’re discussing the environment of states, policitics, or overall Black culture. 

He also remembers his customers. When Liz arrived, he asked if she’s the sister who came in with her son (click here to read about their experience). 

Once Liz and I made it to the office, she began thinking out loud, wondering how she can make Ahkirah’s a part of her daily routine. She loves the coffee, “I should’ve gotten a large”, says Liz. 

You receive three beignets with one order.

After I ate one of the beignets, I began asking a few coworkers if they wanted to try them. They were excited. Some responded with, “I haven’t had these in years”. Others, “Where did you get these from? … Oh wow! That’s a quick Uber ride”. I’m almost definite that Brother Arron will have more family visiting him at Ahkirah’s and I look forward to visiting more. 

It’s been months since I’ve been there and I must say that the overall look and feel gets better each time. I’m happy to share the growth and my experiences of every trip. Everyone should give Akhirah’s at least one shot. It’s a guarantee that you’ll return. 

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