Allah created us perfect, and waits patiently for us to recognize and understand that we are one in the body of Christ. We are anointed ones, choose to live in your hearts beloved that is the center, that is Allah, that is our true self.

Perfection doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it doesn’t mean your magic wand suddenly appears. It just puts us in the place where we’re born to be.

Infinite love My Beloveds. It is the new dawning. We are the Game Changers.
Aging stops now, our talents have been activated and continues to expand our abilities will be beyond what you would consider normal but it is to us, take it as it comes, work with it, master it once more, and let it loose to heal the world. This is why we have awaken at this time to heal the rift to heal the divide, to care for Mother Earth. Bond with her as much as you can and release all excess energy back into the Earth, alway circulate your energy.

Mother Earth listens to us and protect us in our daily walk, and if you set an intention before you go anywhere, whether it is love or peace or both, express it, say it out loud, touch the earth or write it in the air and the energy will flow to your destination. Always for the highest good.

Written by HakimHaqq

I am unconditional love and light, I am divine, I am oneness. I am. I am flow, I am ease and grace all rolled up In this vessel, I am music, I am art, I All, I am limitless.

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