Defining STRENGTH!

1. The quality or state of being strong, in particular a) physical power and energy

The emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations or events that are distressing or difficult.

synonyms: fortitude, resilience, spirit, backbone, strength of character, courage, bravery, pluck, pluckiness, courageousness, grit, mettle, informal guts, spunk.

The influence or power possessed by a person, organization, or country.

2. A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

A person or thing perceived as a source of mental or emotional support.

3. The number of people comprising a group, typically a team or army.

Clarity in more than one way! The Will of God

Pondering on this word (strength) brings so much to mind. I could start to ramble, but that is not my intention today. My intention is to ask have you ever really considered your strengths? Have you looked at self and said what am I good at, whether physically, mentally or in a spiritual way? Have you?

Well today is a good day to start, write it down and go over it. Then ask self is this true?

I am consciously staying out of grouping.

Grouping is putting everyone or everything under the same umbrella. Just because you haven’t done or seen someone else do [what you have in mind] doesn’t mean it’s not possible or it was never done. Or saying everyone is the same when we all have different gifts and talents, but it manifest on different levels, and strengthen us in different ways because of circumstance.

I have come to realize that (I) at one time or another group things and people and places, it is not good or bad or indifferent in any way but just a new perspective on my part.

I have the power and energy to be myself, myself is loving…

…that’s when I laugh more and play more and feel so at peace with the ones that surround me. This I call my Blessings, my Beloveds. Periodically, I go into other states such as solitude, this also brings me joy because I learn more about me and the many things that I never really took the time to understand and why I do certain things. When you become conscious of the “I” you become aware of the states you go into, you can see them and you can redirect them depending on the outcome you are looking to acquire. The many states that we traverse on a daily requires fortitude, because we also interact with other states of consciousness and unconsciousness (other people) and you are always the main character in your dealings no matter how it plays out you (your spirit) is a contributing factor.

I am dealing with the “I” right now. In finding your strength how do you go about doing it? Who’s methodology will you implement? I ask this because no one knows you better than you, and the more you come to the surface, the better you are able to communicate, express and be the beautiful person that you have always been. I will call this shedding the many layers that is not self, the dross. In becoming you, your quirks, your everything inside yourself frees you. Do you show this to the world? And if not why not? It takes grit to go against the grain to speak your truth no matter what the outcome. The Authentic (I) is a power house, that uplifts and inspire. So on our sojourn, I invite The I Am in you to come out. And be Authentically You!

Know ThySelf!

Written by HakimHaqq

I am unconditional love and light, I am divine, I am oneness. I am. I am flow, I am ease and grace all rolled up In this vessel, I am music, I am art, I All, I am limitless.

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